Project Description

Adaptive Leadership

In a world where changes occur faster and faster and more and more variables interact, what is the new paradigm we have to adopt?

Adaptive Leadership is a book we translated and published in 2017 with Altrap and Slowalk. Originally from the Harvard Kennedy School, it presents the new challenges facing businesses and the paradigms and leadership styles needed to face these challenges. The book also contains tools, workshops, and consulting services, all of which we utilize when assisting organizations navigate these challenges.

Project Processes

  • This project was a collaboration between three companies: Altrap, Slowalk, and GingerTProject.
  • We had a “book morning” before publication, where we planned funding to present the key parts of the book as a story.

Project Insights

Here are the three paradigms we discovered while translating this book: 

  • Adaptive Challenge: “Get on the balcony and see the change”
  • Diagnose and act: discuss the elephant in the room and control the atmosphere
  • Self-reflection and growth: understand your inner self and experiment
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