Project Description

Butterknife Crew

Youth Engagement Platform

In 2019, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and GingerTProject launched a ‘Youth Participation Platform’ project, aimed at looking into the lives of diverse and individual young adults and giving them a platform to speak out about their problems.



The Butterknife Crew is a group in this project who aims at empowering young people to create a gender-equal culture. The name stems from how butter is a common resource but still gives joy when spread on freshly baked bread. The Butterknife Crew hopes to become the tool which can spread the butter of everyday joy to society.


The first iteration of the Butterknife Crew was split into two groups. The first aimed at creating proposals designed to help young people reflect, discuss changes, and proactively speak on issues relevant to their lives. The second group aimed at creating content to publicize the process and raise awareness, especially regarding gender equality.


A total of 23 teams participated in the 2nd iteration of the Butterknife Crew as a gender equality culture platform.

“The Butterknife Crew is a place where we know what we want to do. You can say that ‘it’s a good fit’. One has to work in a place that recognizes their values; I want to tell everyone that the Butterknife Crew is such a place.”

-Nari Kim, Butterknife Crew 2 Participant

Project Processes

  • This was GingerTProject’s first “Network Design” project, leading to a completely new process. We had to adopt new business mindset and methods, which consisted of these points:
    • a “central government” with a focus on “youth”
    • deep collaboration with our partner Parti Coop
    • creation of cross-regional connections
    • planning through both online and offline channels
  • We created a “Checklist for Safe Conversation”, as we consider a safe talking environment essential for good cooperation and connection on sensitive issues such as gender equality.
  • We wanted to respect the environment and embrace diversity. We did this by creating environmentally friendly products, restricting the use of disposable products, accommodating different dietary preferences/restrictions, and offering real-time text translation for the hearing-impaired.
  • We held an online-offline joint event on Zoom because of the onset of COVID-19.
  • We operated an online community platform

Project Insights

The ButterKnife Crew left us with both insights and questions for the future.

  • What do young people need to express their voice?
    • Has there ever been enough people listening to what young people have to say? We have to create safe and welcoming environments for these people to share these stories.
    • It is important that young people meet those with similar concerns and desires to affirm and strengthen their voice. We need connections where people can both empathize and cooperate with each other in diverse ways.


버터나이프크루 2기 홈페이지
버터나이프크루 1기 홈페이지
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