Project Description

Eunpyeong Citizen Activists Education And Utilization Project

How can we promote the growth and learning of citizen activists?

While working, we can see that growth and learning is necessary to improve our individual and communal lives. How can this growth and learning be promoted? The citizen activist. From March to August 2019, together with the Eunpyeong-gu Cooperative Organization, we curated tools, resources, and information for three groups of activists: “young activists” (millennials), “new activists”, and “veteran activists”. We split the groups because although the title of “activist” may be the same, there is great variety in the circumstances and experience levels amongst these three groups.

“There are stories only those who’ve experienced the field can share. Everyone’s life experiences have their own meaning; we need an educational methodology that allows us to talk and share what we’ve experienced.”

– from an interview with a veteran Eunpyeong civic activist –

Project Processes

  • We launched the “Eunpyeong Learn More” website, an accessible and practical platform for activists to learn and grow independently.
  • We classified civic activists as “new activists”, “young activists”, and “veteran activists”.

Project Insights

  • The desire for and purpose of growth differed greatly by age and circumstances.
  • Activists learn from each other as much as they learn by themselves.
  • We need a place to continuously network the voice of citizen activists.


Eunpyeong Learn More website