Project Description

Goyang Innovative Education Community Needs Survey

Who is the subject of educational innovation,

and how will it be created?

An innovative education project is being implemented across the country to build localized education programs in preparation for the era of lifelong learning. This research project was commissioned by the city of Goyang to establish the vision and business direction Goyang’s education districts would take. For 7 months starting in May 2018, GingerTProject conducted teacher meetings, educational community workshops, focus group interviews, and online surveys. These efforts allowed us to detail the development direction based on the opinions of the education community, Goyang’s resources and strengths, and current ongoing initiatives.

“We need children to love this province.

It sometimes feels like Ilsan is the only city in Goyang; none of the children like Deokyang-gu or the cities they live in.

Suwon utilizes the Hwaseong fortress very well; it’s regrettable that Goyang does not utilize its resources despite having a World Heritage site.

We need initiatives that allow children to grow up and be proud of Goyang. They need to feel that we are trying to make a better life for them.”

-Teacher K-

Project Processes

  • This research was GingerTProject’s first step in the field of public education. It offered clues on the changes to take place in the sector.
  • We conducted surveys on the opinions and needs of students, teachers, and parents over 20 districts. We also met about 1000 people through online and offline interviews. This was to ensure the business direction of the initiative would reflect the voices of the key actors.
  • The Goyang Onmaeul Learning Support Center became the “backbone” organization in our Collective Impact approach. As one of the goals of the program is education for everyone, we implemented the plan in a way that students, teachers, parents, local organizations, and general citizens could participate and connect

Project Insights

As a result of listening to the diverse voices of Goyang’s education community, we were able to discover and organize common needs.

“A learning place with gaps and results, dreams and rest”

  • A learning environment where anyone can learn anywhereGap: #space #contact (widen the gap, open the door)Texture: #connection #continue

    Creating a forest of chance

  • A learning environment where no one is alienated from learningDream: #course #growth (a space where everyone’s dreams are respected)Rest: #shelter #restoration (a community of rest and care)

    “Try small but new experiments”

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