Project Description

Impact Career – W

Open recruitment and training programs for women with experience

What do you need to empower people to start working again?

Impact Career W, together with Root Impact and WeConnect, are organizations which enable women with careers who have stopped due to pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare demonstrate their capabilities in the social sector. From April 2018 to February 2021, it was an open recruitment and training program.


As GingerTProject is also an organization created by three women who experienced a break in their careers while pondering “Isn’t there a way for us to work in a meaningful and personal way?”, we were able to design an appropriate program for women to start working again.

“Before going through childbirth and childcare, I was a passionate and capable employee, a child my parents were proud of despite my gender.
My career break is a personal problem now, but I think this can be a mother or a daughter’s story. If everyone sympathizes with this view and tackles this issue together, I think there is hope for us.”
-Jeon Hye-young, ICW 2nd Fellow

프로젝트에서 일어난 실험

  • We wanted to propose a new career model which can independently look back on women’s lives and careers, in contrast to the male-centic linear career model.
  • We prepared a curriculum focused on enabling a sense of “self” rather than “mother” when women start working again.

Project Insights

  • There is a stereotypical image which comes to mind when hearing “women career interruption”. In reality, every woman has unique strengths, abilities, situations, and personalities.