Project Description

Localize Gunsan Archiving

Why are young people turning to the local area?

What changes will happen when a dying city meets young people?

From May 2019 to February 2020, we recorded and archived one year of the Localize Gunsan Project, an urban regeneration model hoping to breathe new life in Gunsan through start-ups. This was a cooperative project with SK E&S and Underdogs. We collected stories from 23 teams. These teams included entrepreneurs experimenting new ideas, administrators planning and running pre-existing programs, and local residents living in Gunsan. Beyond archiving the year, we wanted to discover the greater meaning of the project; that is, what is needed for young people to pioneer their lives in their local regions and what is needed to breathe life into a city.

“Localize Gunsan is a project where contradictory and diverse subjects and methods clash and create new colors. The energy that arises from this clash has become the driving force of the project. (…) taking advantage of its unique and rich heritage, while at the same time providing opportunities for young people to start new jobs; the attempt to combine the two is the Localize Gunsan project.”

-from the Localize Gunsan Archiving Magazine [Localize 2019]

Project Processes

  • Through interviews with the startup and management team, we listened to understand and tried offering new perspectives when appropriate.
  • Although results are important for projects like this, we tried imbuing meaning in the process through conversation.

Project Insights

  • The main generation of local start-ups belonged to millennials.
  • The province was not a place of decline, but rather a place of possibility. We felt that the main characteristics of millennials we attributed to millennials, enjoyment and purpose, could be realized in the province.
  • Social problems that cannot be solved by systems and analytics are still prevalent. However, millennials who are not afraid to deviate from the norm and reframe difficulties as fun challenges will always find the answers.
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