Project Description

Millennial Project

Are Korean millennials really lazy, passive and pessimistic?

Isn’t there a need to research their potential?

We decided to closely study the millennial generation, which will soon make up the largest proportion of our society and workforce. We asked ourselves, “If ‘everybody is a star’, where are the stars of this generation?” We found that the millennial generation views their world more deeply, accurately, and sharply than any generation before them despite the immense pressure they face.  

With support from the Circle Foundation, we conducted in-depth interviews with millennials for about 4 months starting from August 2016. Interviews were both online and in-person and were centered around these questions:

  • What experiences (both positive and negative) and worries do millennials have?
  • How do millennials participate in today’s society?
  • What kind of support do millennials need to work better?
  • What societal changes do they expect in the future?
  • How do we prepare for this societal change?
“Millenials will be at the center of change.They will find their own color, respond to issues which resonate with them, and announce what needs to change through new channels. The experimental projects of today will become the waves of change tomorrow. The seeds in an apple can be counted, but the apples in a seed cannot be counted. We believe in the power of the seeds.”– Magazine M

Project Processes

  • To promote interest in the research, we gathered information using dynamic interviews rather than the traditional survey.
  • We decided to publish the results in a magazine rather than a report. This was to preserve the vividity of the stories and experiences we heard.

Project Insights

  • Characteristics of Millennials; 5 ME’s
    • Entertain Me: enjoyment, mastery
    • Now Me: the present, taster
    • Tech Me: , digital native
    • Enlarge Me: connection, influence
    • Inspire Me: meaning, values
  • How Millennials Work; 5 C’s
    • Cause: self relevant, emotive, and fun work
    • Change: small, feasible change over overthrowing the status quo
    • Connect: informal, communal connections formed over time
    • Cohort: importance of working with like-minded people
    • Cross-sectoral: no division by sector, multidisciplinary work


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