Project Description

SK E&S Learning Culture Project

What does it mean to learn and grow in an organization?

    How can we motivate our members to continue to learn and grow?

From March to August 2020, we designed a learning culture unique to SK E&S with the SK E&S Growth Design Team. We focused on individual, not company needs, and asked individuals to directly participate in the creation of the culture.

“Everyone wants to grow. But the point of growth is different for everyone.

Some want to broaden their experience, others want to dig deep. There are many different paths to growth.”

-Jae-duk Park, SK E&S Team Leader

“Isn’t the point of improvement to have fun? Because if you’re good at something, it becomes fun.

For me, the process of growth is an increasingly enjoyable process.
That’s why I believe growth should not be stressful, but rather focused on individual taste.”

– Pil-jun Moon, SK E&S Manager

Project Processes

  • Interviews were organized by position in the company. We wanted to observe the difference in support and assistance required.
  • We sent out 6 newsletters to encourage participation through the in-house training platform “My Sunny”.
  • We recruited a group of “Early Bird Champions” and held a workshop about learning styles, future capabilities, and workplace culture.
  • We held workshops for each team to create a workplace culture together. We held structured conversations about a learning workplace culture, diagnosed each team member’s strengths with the CliftonStrengthsFinder, and read Adaptive Leadership together.

Project Insights

We were able to specify the conditions necessary to become an organization that learns and grows together through interviews and workshops.

  • Create an environment where the responsibilities of higher positions motivate growth, not burnout
  • Use loose, informal connections across the entire company to create a structure where the organization gradually becomes a single brain
  • Promote a culture where work and learning can both take place anywhere
  • Consider the characteristics of your team member’s career growth
  • Make the best practices/knowledge of your organization its legacy