Project Description

Study on Gender-Equal Company Culture

Do our company cultures promote gender equality?

GingerTProject and the Seoul Gender Equality Activity Support Center conducted a 6 month project from May to October 2018 to diagnose the perception of gender equality across members of civil society organizations and present a guide on gender-equal business culture.

Through interviews, we heard about the current struggles companies face regarding gender and what needs to be done to raise awareness and sensitivity. We wrote a dialogue guide which helps people safely discuss gender equality within their organizations.

We need to change the idea that saying “It’s uncomfortable” is a way of avoiding conflict; it is in fact causing it. 

We need activists who can concretely visualize changes in the daily life of a workplace. A completely gender-equal organization can and will come forth from these efforts. 

-taken from the report (Shall we start the conversation?)

Project Processes

  • In a culture where gender equality is a difficult topic, 14 activists gathered to share their experiences, concerns, and ideas.
  • We created and distributed the “Meaningful Dialogue Guide for a Gender-equal Workplace Culture” in hopes that change could emerge first through healthy, productive dialogue.

Project Insights

  • Change requires the courage to face conflict.
  • Speaking about discomfort is not a means to resolution. Beyond superficial understanding and passive empathy, we need to interpret, coordinate, and act on discomfort to create meaningful progress.
  • Organizations should ideally start with discussing why having a gender-equal company culture is important in the first place. After that, they should think about the “how” and implement these efforts in everyday life.


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