Project Description

Study on Millennial Elementary School Teachers

In the age of the 4th industrial revolution, have we ever taken a look at the classrooms and teachers who will make our children’s future?

In 2017, we collaborated with Indischool, a “community of elementary school professors”, to study the rapidly evolving teacher and classroom. We didn’t focus on statistical differences, instead focusing on the direction and purpose of change with those in the field. We also studied the experimental approaches teachers are bringing to their classrooms and sought out ways to support these endeavors.
“In the past, I was quick to bring anything which looked good into my classroom. I now realize that there is a point where my personal life connects to education. The best classroom I can offer to my students is unique to me. It is not about always pursuing the newest, most innovative approaches; it is about linking education with what I like and what I can do.”

-“Ryu-chan”, teacher of 11 years-

Project Processes

  • Insights from the in-depth teacher interviews we conducted were shared on an online platform as ‘card news’ and videos.
  • We shared the voices of the millennial teachers and the movements they are conducting in their schools on social media.

Project Insights

The characteristics of millennial teachers can be summarized by the following:

  • 5N Traits of Millennial Teachers
    • No Boredom: fun and meaningful content
    • N amount of Identities: interests in various fields
    • N amount of Tastes: recognition of differing viewpoints and teaching methods
    • Now and Here: balance and connection between work and life
    • Native Digital: usage of technology
  • “5 Learnings” of Millennial Teachers’ Activities
    • Learning Your Own Way: there is no on fixed way of learning
    • Make Learning Your Own Way: the teacher’s experiences are connected to what is learned
    • Learning Mate: the teacher becomes a “colearner”, not an “instructor”
    • Learning by Living: learning is intertwined with living
    • Learning Space: the teacher redefines what is a “learning space”
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