Project Description

Working Across Generations

Why do people think, say, and act the way they do?

Working Across Generations is a book written for leaders and organizers of social change in non-profit organizations who are finding communication difficult within their organization. It does this by presenting the environment and characteristics each generation grew up in, from the millennials in their 20s to the older generation in their 50s-60s. It also includes interviews with nonprofit organizations in the United States.

GingerTProject translated and published this book in 2015 and continues to host workshops and education programs with its material, localizing its contents to the Korean workplace.

Project Insights

  • This book reflects the deep needs of the field and is designed to be of practical help to activists.
  • We selected and translated books from the US nonprofit sector that give specific examples, concerns, and solutions on generational transformation and leadership changes.
  • We organized workshops and educational programs to commemorate the publication of our book. These programs focused on fostering communication by highlighting the different characteristics and contexts of each generation. The current understanding between generations and ways to resolve differences were discussed.

Project Insights

  • Answers to sustaining organizations could be found if generational differences were first acknowledged and solutions were created with these differences in mind.
  • We have to first increase our understanding of ourselves if we wish to increase intergenerational cooperation.
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