We Do

We recognize change

We observe societal change not by looking at statistics, but by listening to the stories of individuals and organizations.

We build knowledge

We build knowledge by studying the context of change with the “GingerTProject” research method.
We then create methods for people to not just be affected by change, but positively influence it.

We design networks

GingerTProject believes that the world’s problems cannot be solved
by a single individual or organization.
Instead, we design networks of organizations who want to change.

We Think

We think that research is like walking along roads not yet travelled, mapping the new knowledge we discover along the way.  We research hoping that our work is not just words in a report but a path that the person who needs it can follow.
The potential for change is in the world. Although we plan interviews, workshops, lectures, and meetings, all of these plans revolve around the idea of “conversation.” Meaningful listening, pondering, and reflection are how we read the waves of change.
Conversing is our favorite activity. With good questions, a conversation allows individuals to think, act, and grow. Because of this, we spend much time and effort to create good conditions for conversation, so that individuals may be fully empowered by it. Conversation is more than an activity. It is the beginning of a relationship, and a catalyst for change.
Change starts with a healthy subject. We look at the subject with two different views.The first is the present: we observe the context and environment of the subject.
The second is the future: we imagine when the subject’s potential is fully realized. A possibility-based approach creates healthy change in the subject.It becomes an agent which can create more positive change.
Experience is more valuable knowledge than anything you can find in a book. Through conversation and reflection, the various experiences accumulated during a project become the collective knowledge of the organization. The knowledge becomes our DNA, allowing us to create new paths and endure the dreary process of change. We create content about our experiences in various forms so that it can be understood, accepted, and spread beyond our organization.

We Believe

We study and grow through our work

As an organization created as a result of a study, GingerT naturally connects work and study. We learn things to apply to work and work to apply new learning. As a result, each member of GingerT experiences individual growth outside of professional development efforts.

The workplace is a living organism

We pursue an organic workplace culture that changes according to its members over one where individual members have to align themselves with the framework of the organization.

From company to community

We are a community, not a company. We create a safe environment which recognizes our members’ strengths and weaknesses so that each member can achieve their fullest potential.

We Work

Everyone’s opinion is equally valuable

Each individual brings with them a unique culture. Our workplace culture is created by respecting and meshing these individual cultures. After all, the next great idea starts in conversation between unalike people.

We decide our own work

We give ourselves the titles and roles within our organization. This makes our personalities shine through our work. It also holds us accountable for our individual responsibility; we do not have supervisors, instead trusting each other to get the job done.

We work transparently

There are no partitions in our office. Even when we work from home, we communicate the progress of our work and what situations we are in daily.

The process is just as important as the results

Most projects begin with our own questions. Answering these questions makes us see different approaches and refines our processes. We believe that the learning and growth which stems from work is just as important as the outcomes and tangible results.

The “Why” is more important than the “How”

Before we think about how to do something, we think about the “why” first, and only start working when that “why” becomes clear. This is because the “how” will come naturally while working, but the “why” will never come if we don’t consider it first.

We work together

While every individual decides their own work, because we work transparently, we often collaborate and experiment on projects together. This flexible collaboration without formal boundaries allows us to modify and expand projects as we need.