Project Description

Seoul NPO Trend Report

What changes are we facing?

What can we do to take the next step?

How can we get a broader understanding of the nonprofit sector while also gaining deep insight into the changes it is facing? In 2019, we attempted to do so with the Seoul NPO Support Center through the NPO Trend Report. We held in-depth offline and online interviews with activists in various NPO settings to glean what changes were coming in the near future. We also asked the activists how they felt about the changes they were describing and what endeavors they wanted to pursue because of and in spite of this change. The NPO Trend Report is not just a list of predictions; it is a perusing of the minds of activists who pursue unchanging values in an era of rapid transformation.
“What is change?
Change is a colossal wave which approaches me, but on the other hand it is also the wave that I send to the world.
Thus, change is the result of everyone’s thoughts and emotions, trials and experiments, successes and failures.
We create the wave together.”
-from the report Change, Read – What Changes and What Does Not Change

Project Processes

  • We allowed activists to ask deep, self-reflective questions while designing our interviews.

Project Insights

  • Our rebirth: We have shifted from organization-based movements to individual, project-based movements.
  • Reinventing Organizations: Redefining the nature of organizations has become a new movement in itself.
  • Sense-based living: The desire to create tangible change in daily life has usurped working for a grander, intangible cause.
  • Experiment Money: Funding for experiments has changed and increased.


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